October to December 2010 – photography training “Nufarul” Oradea Photo Club;
March 2011 – “Nufarul” Oradea Photo Club membership;
2012 – AAFR (Romanian Photography Art Association) membership;
2012 – AFIAP recognition;
2014 – EFIAP recognition;

2011 to 2014:

  • Over 400 admittances in over 100 salons (FIAP recognition) in 33 countries, wining 2 Medals and 7 Honorable Mentions;
  • Over 20 admittances in 6 salons (different recognitions) wining 3 Medals and 3 Honorable Mentions;
  • Several group exhibitions.

2012 – 3rd place in “Nufarul” Oradea Photo Club excellence top;
2013 – 1st place in “Nufarul” Oradea Photo Club excellence top;

I tried to capture the city in different ways:

  • the city’s emotions and feelings that reflect everyday life;
  • old town with simple spots and modern city with flourishing architecture as well;
  • from simple town where life is running quietly, to lively city with daring buildings and spectacular colors, a city that never sleeps, where life is lived intensity.