Listed in the great tradition of reporting, member of the Leica Foundation, Marie-Paule Nègre perpetuates the lineage of the photographers of the moment.

Co-founder of the MÉTIS agency in 1989, she received the Prix Nièpce in 1995, which rewards her career, which is devoted to social witness and social issues. From Nord-Pas-de-Calais, where she follows the end of the industrial epic, in Burkina Faso where she accompanies the fight against excision, to deep France where she questions the changes in rural life, Marie-Paule Nègre affirms its creed in photography: concerned and committed.

One of her first major works was made in jazz circles, portraying the intimate music of Barney Willen, Michel Portal, Cameron Brown or Martial Solal … which will then be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in 1985.

She devoted herself later for 10 years to a long-term report on the fringes of exclusion, Tales of Modern Times or Ordinary Misery. This work will find its culmination during the International Visa Festival for the Image 1999 in Perpignan where it was an event (relayed as an editorial in the newspaper « Le Monde »).

In addition, Marie-Paule Nègre has been working on water for several years, which has earned her numerous awards through exhibitions, prizes and publications. Very sensitive to this theme in all its characteristics (environment, benefits on the body and mind, …), it apprehends this element as a different world, where the photographer builds another landscape to produce new images. The technical, artistic and sensory certainties, the “terrestrial” landmarks are then called into question; photography becomes another discipline.

Her talent has earned her permanent collaboration with the daily press and magazines; Libération, Géo, Marie-Claire, Elle, Cosmopolitan, are among her most frequent sponsors. It has also aroused the interest of large industrial groups or service establishments that wish to base their corporate communication on a sensitive approach to men and employees. Régie Renault, EDF, Société Générale, Bouygues, Crédit Agricole and Hôtel Drouot entrusted her with important campaigns or images of their annual corporate report.

Very often associated with major international exhibitions, Marie-Paule Nègre’s photographs appear in numerous collective works and in public and private collections around the world. Her work is distributed by and by Galerie Agathe Gaillard.

Personal exhibitions

2017 The passengers of Cairn – Cairn of Barnenez, with the Center of National Monuments
2016 Artists in their world N ° 4 – Le 12 de Drouot, Paris
2015 A flower of water – Atlantic Center of photography, Brest
2014 Casually – Retrospective exhibition in 10 themes
European House of Photography, Paris
2012 A flower of water – ABDP Gaston Defferre, Marseille
2010 Night Schools in India – Fait & Cause Gallery
2009 Untitled exhibition at Galerie Agathe Gaillard
2008 Artists in their world N ° 2 – European House of Photography, Paris
Golden Youth – Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007 Artists in their world N ° 1 – Hôtel Drouot, Avenue Montaigne, Paris
2006 A flower of water – Galerie La Grange, Oise
The most beautiful age – Festival Pinhao, China
2004 At the Water’s Edge – Paimpol Photographic Festival
2002 Holy Week – Encontros da imagen, Braga Portugal
A Flower of Water – Transphotographiques, Lille
2001 Jazz – Georges Pompidou European Hospital
City View – CAUE, Sceaux
2000 To the madness – Fnac Le Mans & Château de Sainte-Suzanne, Mayenne
Handicap International, Geneva & Fait & Cause Gallery, Paris
Jeunesse dorée, Order of the Ministry of Culture – Visa for the Image
The Aubenades, Aubenas
The Great Album – Niépce Museum, Chalon-sur-Saône
1999 Tales of Modern Times or Ordinary Misery – Visa for Image Blue Suburbs – Blanc-Mesnil Cultural Forum
1998 Jazz – Phenix Museum in Valenciennes and the Manège in Maubeuge
In the blue of action – Fnac Saint Lazare, Paris
1997 Jazz – Bon Marché, Paris and Tourcoing
Water – Théâtre Granit Belfort & Commandery Ste Luce Corbeil-Essonnes
Water – International Photography Festival, Maylight, Bologna, Italy
1996 Niépce Prize – Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Chalon-sur-Saône
Angle Photo Space – Le Corum, Montpellier
1995 Niépce Award – National Center of Photography, Rotschild Hotel, Paris
Regional transport in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Lille
1994 Water, man, energies – Meetings in Arles
1993 Tales of modern times or ordinary misery – Fnac Forum, Paris.
The music – Espace Gérard Philippe, Jarny
1990 Pauvre France – The Floreal Bar, Paris
1989 France 89, misery in France – Denain & Poland
1988 The Jazz – Arcueil & Belgium
1987 Festival of the image – Nancy
Departmental Fund of Contemporary Art, Seine-Saint-Denis
Smiles of children – Pantin
Espace Gérard Philippe – Jarny
1986 Photographic Festival of Trégor – Lannion
A flower of skin – Plural feminine festival, Choisy-le-Roi
1983 Parados – Mérignac Municipal Library
1981 Music – 1st Photo Festival, Avoriaz
1976 Jazz – Socio-educational Collective exhibitions

Collective exhibitions

2016 2nd Biennale Comparart – Lima, Peru
2010 Teen Breaks – Carnavalet Museum
2008 Europe Scale 27 – The City of Arts, Month of the Picture, Paris
Gift of Life – La Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris
2007 Dream and water on the banks of the Marne – Champigny
Clichy without clichés – Clichy sous Bois and Mairie de Paris

2006 Water – Seoul, Korea
Stories of shoes – Paris
2004 Exhibition of water to the eye in Seyne – Villa Tamaris Pacha
2001 The Beautiful Age – Photographic Center of Ile-de-France, Pontault-Combault
2000 Europeans in Paris – Mois de la Photo, City Hall, Paris
1996 Is this how men live – Maison Robert Doisneau, Gentilly
France, New Visions – Aperture Gallery, New York, USA
Poor of us, with the association Little Brothers of the Poor – Mairie de Paris
Exquisite Corpses, Daily Realities – Rattan Site, Champigny-sur-Marne
1995 Sciences for the Engineer at the CNRS, by Métis – Fnac agency, Paris
Métis, Eleven Contemporary French Photographers – SF Camerawork,
San Francisco, USA
1994 Rural Europe 1994, out of town looks – Ministry of Agriculture, Paris
Paris by night, by the photographers of Métis – Musée Carnavalet, Paris
1993 The Métis Spirit – The Lamppost (Lyon), Theater (Cherbourg) – Water tower (Toulouse)
Retired, otherwise seen – CNAV, Parc de la Villette, Paris
1992 Architecture and High Schools in Ile de France – Palace of Discovery, Paris
Europe on the other side of the stars – French Secours Populaire, Arles
The lights of the city – Paris La Défense.
First photo – Agnès B. Gallery, Mois de la photo, Paris
1991 Pixel and Grain d’Argent – Realization ListenSee, Rencontres d’Arles
40 views on women’s rights – Le Bar Floréal, Paris
1990 Carnets de scène – Kelemenis, Agora of Evry
A knife in the photo – Galerie Agnès B., Photo Month, Paris
1989 USSR, So how? – Festival of Humanity, Créteil, Nantes, Moscow …
20 years of creative photography in France – France & Germany.
1987 Current Photography in France – Salon de la Photo, Paris
1986 Living in a bathing suit – Piscine Deligny
1985 Niépce Prize (winner) – National Center of Photography Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Brothers of Men – Galerie Delpire, Paris
Jazz is getting the portrait – Métro Saint-Augustin, Ratp, Mairie de Paris
1984 Leica likes … – Metro Saint-Augustin, Paris
1982 Insights on jazz – House of Culture, Grenoble
1983 Portrait as Landscape, Landscape as Portrait – Bonn, Arles
Egal, Hauptsache Gut, Rheiniches Landesmuseum, Bonn, Germany
Jazz and Photography – Museum of Modern Art, Paris
What does it matter if it’s good – Parc Chanot, Marseille
Rue de Lappe – ParisCenter and Works Councils, Massy
The youth is twenty – Center Georges Pompidou, BPI, Paris
Pictures of women – Fnac
Jazz in all its states – Bibliothèque du Trocadéro, Paris
1980 Canon Space & Photo Month, Paris

Personal editions

2016 Artists in their world N ° 4 published by the Hotel Gazette Drouot
2014 MPN – Marie-Paule Nègre, photographs – A book, books …
box edited by Terre Bleue for the exhibition Mine of nothing (MEP)
2012 Artists in their world N ° 3 published by the Hotel Gazette Drouot
2008 Artists in their world N ° 2 published by the Hotel Gazette Drouot
2006 Artists in their world N ° 1 published by the Gazette of the hotel Drouot2000 To the madness, Secrets of the peasant memory, with Pierre Guicheney, Ed. Siloam
1995 Les Envols d’Andilly, published by the CCAS
1994 Water, Man, Energy, edited by the CCAS
1987 The Anniversary of the Infanta, edited by the city of Pantin
1985 Alliance on Mireille Negro – Ed. DDB
1984 Hortillons, hortillonnages, House of Culture of Amiens – Ed. Three pebbles

Collective editions

2011 50 years Amnesty International – Photopoche Éd. South Acts
2010 Social Photography, by Michel Christolhomme – Photopoche Éd. South Acts
55 years of photography through the Prix Niépce – Ed. Montparnasse Museum
2008 Beyond the Iconic, Contemporary Photographs of Paris – Los Angeles Public Library ACP
A photographic crossing of the 20th century – Ed. Créaphis / CID / Threshold
2007 Dream and Water – Ed. Blue Land
2006 Here are your waters – Korean Edition
2000 A History of Women Photograher – Ed. Abbeville Press
1996 Poor of us – Coll. Photo Notes, Ed. From the National Center of Photography
The mystery of the light room – Ed. The Beautiful Letters / Archimbaud
1994 Portraits of Words – Ed. Alphagram / Bordas.
Paris at night, the photographers of Métis – Ed. Paris-Musées
Rural Europe 1994, out of town looks – Ed. Filigram
1993 Is this how men live? – Ed. Marval
1991 Europe on the other side of the stars – Ed. French Popular Rescue
1989 20 years of creative photography in France, by Gilles Mora
3 days in France – Ed. Nathan
1988 Swimmers – Aperture
1986 Nudes – Ed. Counter-Angenieux
Living in a swimsuit – Ed. PROFEM
1984 Jazz and photography – Ed. Museum of Modern Art and Paris Audiovisual
Portrait as Landscape, Landscape as Portrait – Ed. OFAJ and DFJW

Awards and Scholarships

2010 Officer of Arts and Letters
2004 Assistance for the creation of the CNAP for Artists in their world
2000 Mission of the Directorate of Fine Arts on Golden Youth
1998 Work on the new poverty supported by the General Council of Val-de-Marne, the Ministry of Culture, the French Secours Populaire and the CCAS
1995 Niépce Award
1989-90 Mission of the Regional Center of Photography of Nord-Pas-de-Calais on the new poverty
1986-87 Mission of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis on the month of sport
1984 City of Paris grant for work on the Paris Jazz Festival
1981 Grant of the association Voir et Pouvoir, report on hortillons and hortillonnages.
1980 Laureate of the Air France-Ville de Paris competition


2006-14 Gazette Drouot: Regards crossed every 3rd week of the month
2000 To the madness, Geo, n ° 256, June
To the madness, To see, n ° 2, June
Young Profile, To See, No. 4, September
1999 Jazz, Geo, August
Poor France (Visa exhibition for the image) – Le Monde, Sunday 6 September
1996 France, New Visions, Aperture, No. 142
1996 Staging the Document, Camerawork, Spring / Summer
1994 Photographs Magazine, September / October
1994 The photographer, n ° 1527
Answers Photo, November
1990 30 days of agency – Photoreporter, n ° 24, n ° 29
Magazine photographs, n ° 26. Mansions & Castles
1987 Hunter of images, July
Photomagazine, n ° 82
International Camera, No. 12
Last Nude (Japan)
Ovo (Canada), No. 59, 60 & 61
1981 Photographic n ° 87

Other works

Numerous corporate assignments for Weston companies – Bouygues – Sanofi-Synthélabo – Astrazeneca – Société Générale – CCF – Crédit Agricole – Régie Renault – EDF – Hôtel Drouot

2002 Orly green city, Orly town hall
2001 The hot hand, film FR3 and 24 images, Pierre Guicheney
City View, CAUE, Sceaux
2000 One photo per day – Website
1990 Realization of the bitter taste of water, photoroman, for Coup d’Oeil, the Seven & the INA (detective film from photos and video effects, script by JM Mariou)
1985-86 Iconography for Duke Box, multimedia exhibition of ÉcoutezView – Arles, Angoulème, Bordeaux
1983 Are immigrants toxic? with Cabu for Life in front of Philippe Alfonsi, FR3
One minute for an image of Agnes Varda.
Works with F. Cassenti for documentaries about jazz
1978 Produces many record covers (photos and model)

Public and private collections

Art library of Nord-Pas-de-Calais
National Fund of Contemporary Art
Agnès B and other private collections
Gallery of the water tower, Toulouse
National Library of France
Nicéphore Niépce Museum, Chalon sur Saône
Museum of Braga, Portugal
European House of Photography, Paris
FNAC Photo Galleries
Agathe Gaillard Gallery
Museum of photography of Bièvres

玛丽·保勒·奈格,徕卡基金会成员, MESTIS联合创始人,1995年获得NièpcePrix奖,她的第一个摄影展览,是拍摄巴尼·威伦,米歇尔·波特,卡梅隆·布朗等爵士乐界明星。于1985年在巴黎蓬皮杜现代艺术博物馆展出。在佩皮尼昂举办的国际摄影节获得最高奖。此外,玛丽·保勒-奈格多年来通过展览,奖项和出版物获得了无数奖项。

她的才华使她与很多的新闻媒体和杂志永久合作。 Libération,Géo,Marie-Claire,Elle,Cosmopolitan是她最常见的赞助商之一。 EDF,SociétéGénérale,Bouygues,法国农业信贷银行和Drouot酒店等委托她进行重要拍摄活动。

玛丽·保勒·奈格的照片经常参与大型国际展览:巴恩纳兹凯恩·凯恩国家古迹中心,欧洲摄影之家,阿尔勒国际摄影节,沙隆尼采博物馆等。她的作品被世界各大公共机构和私人收藏。她的作品由signatures.com和Galerie Agathe Gaillard代理。