A graduate of the course of Photographic Technique and art Analog-2008

A graduate of the course of Photographic Digital-2008

Practitioner of photography 2008

Photographic Club Nufarul member of the 2009

Member of AAFR since 2010

Member of PSA since 2010

The distinction of FIAP (A.FIAP) in 2013.

The distinction of Art. AAFR in 2013

Starting with a quote written by Garabet Ibrăileanu,they say that ,,time is running out. Time does not pass. We move through time “. I chose the theme TIME because the passage of time is a state with whom I deal on a daily basis, identify the smallest details. When a topic on which I am trying to master it, I want to make him pass in my favor, thus fulfilling his me as an artist and my  opera. Time passes over each of us in different ways, depending on the options that we have, feelings and hopes and dreams of living to which we aspire. It is important that the time pass over us beautiful, serene, clean.