A native of Poland. The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow , she also studied at Contemporary Center of Ingraving in Geneva, Switzerland. From 1975 to 1983 Gabriela Morawetz resided in Venezuela, Caracas where she got granted from the National Council for Culture.
Since 1983 she lives and work in Paris , France.

Recent Solo Exhibitions

2014 Between Dask and Dawn , Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago ,USA

2013 Continuum, installation ,photography, video, Salle
Capitulaire – Cour Mably, Bordeaux, France
Away from You Close to You, photography installation,
See+gallery, Beijing , China

2012 Body and Breath, photography, installation, Thessa Herold Gallery,
Photo Month- Oficial Selection,Paris, France
2011 Connected Isolations, photography, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
To Be but One, photography, installation, video, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
2010 Un Monde Loin du Monde , installation, video, Abbaye de Corbigny, France
2009 Closer to Me than Myself I, photography, installation, Maya Polsky, Gallery, Chicago, USA
Closer to me than Myself II, photography, installation, Hardcore Contemporary Art
Space ,Miami,USA
2008 The Sleeping Self – photography,video, Thessa Herold Gallery Paris , France
2007 Egospheres – photography, video, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
N’Etre, photography , Vent d’Est Gallery, Bordeaux, France
2006 Illusions , photography,
Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, Miami
Juego de las Miradas, photography, video-instalation, sculpture, Contemporary Art Museum ,
Caracas , Venezuela
Spaces, photography, video, Lillebonne Gallery, Nancy, France
2005 Jeux de Regards, Arte Fiera, Thessa Herold Gallery, Bolognia, Italy
Jeux de Regards, photography, sculpture , instalation, Art Paris Thessa Herold Gallery, France
Jeux du Regard , photography, sculpture, instalation Thessa Herold Gallery Paris
lllusion Spheres, photography, instalation ,Maya Polsky Gallery Chicago, USA
Regards croisée, Saint-Luis Chapell, Bar–le-Duc, France
Photography, Primo Piano Gallery, Lecce, Italy
2004 Inner Circles, photography, installation, sculpture, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, USA
En Parabolle, photography, instalation, Temple de Charuay, Niort, France
Beetween Us , photography, Rochefort College Art Gallery, USA
N’Être, photography, instalation, Maison Henri IV, Saint Valery en Caux, France
Paysage du Temps, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
Miradas Dobles, photography, sculpture, 39 Gallery, Caracas
Venezuela Variations of the Double, photography, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
2001 Materia Prima,photography,installation, Kordegarda Gallery,Warsaw, Poland
Last Judgement, installation, photography ,installation, Gallery of Modern Art, Lodz
Historical Museum, Sanok, ZPAP Gallery, Cracow, Poland
On the Edge,photography, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Encounter, photography, Artemis Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Last Judgement, Studio Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Photography, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, USA
Painting, sculpture, photography, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France
Photography, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Painting and photography, Gomez Gallery, Baltimore, USA

Recent Group Exhibitions

2014 Danse Images Variations , MAC, Creteil, France
Biwako Biennale , Ohmi Hachi Man , Japon
Paris Photo , Thessa Herold Gallery, France
Off The Beaten Path ,The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Canada

2013 Art Paris, Thessa Herold Gallery, Grand Palais,Paris ,France
Off The Beaten Path, Fundacion Canal de Isabel II , Madrid
Spain,The Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,
Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa
Beyond the Dream, Mondapart Gallery, Boulogne Billancourt, France
FIA, Art Nouveau Gallery, Caracas , Venezuela
Beyond my Dream , H2M- Contemporary Art Space, Bourg en Bresse, France
2012 Danse-Espace II, Espace 1886 ,Saint Ouen,France
Pinta Art Fair, Estudio 8 Gallery , London , UK
IV Biwako Biennale – Fairy Tales,Ohmi Hachi Man, Japan Hommage au Facteur Cheval ,
Museum of Post, Paris , France
Paris Photo, Thessa Herold Gallery, Grand Palais , Paris ,France
Le réel reenchanteé, Roi Dore Gallery, Photo Month, Paris, France
2011 Fotografica 2011, Santa Clara Church, Columbia
The Missing Peace, Contemporary Museum of San Antonio, USA
Off the Beaten Path, Cultural Center of Chicago, USA
Paris Photo, Thessa Herold Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris
2010 Art Paris, Thessa Herold Gallery ,Paris, France
Pinta-Art Fair , Hardcore Contemporary Art Space, London, UK
Art Shanghai , Latinoamericain Pavillon, Shanghai, China
The Missing Peace, Nobel Museum, Stockholm, Suede
2009 The Missing Peace, Fundation Canal, Madrid, Spain
Art Paris, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
Paris Photo, Thessa Herold Gallery, Carouselle de Louvre Paris, France
ArteAmericas, Artepuy Gallery, Miami, USA Scope- Basel, Hardcore Contemporary Art
Space, Basel, Suisse
Virtuellement Réel, Galerie Alice Mogabdab, Beyrouth, Libanon
Icons of the Victory, Humboldt Bulduing , Berlin, Germany
Off the Beaten Path, Contemporary Art Gallery of the University of San Diego, California, USA
The Missing Peace, Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL, USA
Art-Pologne Aujourd’hui, Departamental Archives, Chartre, France
Femme y est tu? Contemporary Art Gallery, Chinon, France
2008 Venere Vincitrice, Castello Carlo V, Lecce, Italy
Moving Forward to The Balanced Earth, Te Papa Museum, Wellington, New Zealand
Chicago Art Fair,Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
FIA, Gallery39,Caracas,Venezuela
Kraj,Contemporary Art Gallery,Opole,Poland
Art Elisee,Thessa Herold Gallery,Paris,France
The Missing Peace, Hillside Terrace,Tokyo,Japan
Group Show,The Steps Gallery, London, England
Photo Miami, Hardcore Contemporary Space,Miami, USA
NOBE Art Fair, Miami Fl, USA
Arte Fiera, Thessa Herold Gallery, Bolonia, Italy
Art Paris, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
Arte Americas Art Fair, Signature Gallery, Miami, USA
Avec le Facteur Cheval, Museum of the Poste, Paris, France
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Escalier : La verticale du possible, Charlotte Norberg Gallery, Paris, France
Artsenat, Femme y est tu? Orangerie du Luxembourg, Paris, France
Washington Art Fair, Signature Gallery, Washington, USA
FIA,39 Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
Genius Loci,III Biwako Biennale, Ohmi-Hachi- Man, Japon
Elisee del Art, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
Art Abhu Dabhi, Thessa Herold Gallery, United Emirats
The Missing Piece , Yerba Buena Art Center, San Francisco, USA
2006 ARCO, Thessa Herold Gallery,Madrid ,Spain
Art Paris, Thessa Herold Gallery,Paris, France
Circa, Art Fair, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
The Missing Peace , UCLA Museum, LA, Loyola Museum,
Chicago ,Rubin Museum, New York, NY, USA
Non Objective World in Photography II, Thessa Herold Gallery,Paris , France
POZA, Real Artway Gallery, Hartford, USA
2005 Transparence, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
Fiac, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
St’Art, Koralewski Gallery, Strassbourg, France
2004 St’Art –Art Fair, Koralewski Gallery, Strassbourg, France
ARCO, Thessa Herold Gallery, Madrid ,Spain
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Quantum Leap, II Biwako Biennale, Ohmi-Hachi- Man, Japan
Things to come, COFA Gallery, New York, NY
Pencil; Paper and beyond , Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago USA
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
FIAC, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris , France
Non- Objectif Photography, Thessa Herold Gallery, Paris, France
2002 St-art Art Fair, Koralewski Gallery, Strasbourg, France
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
FIA, Minotauro Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela
2001 II Biennale d’Art ,Zep -Tepi , Biwako, Otsu, Japon
FIA, Galerie Minotauro, Caracas, Venezuela
2000 FIAC, Felix Gallery, Paris, France
Art Cologne, Felix Gallery, Cologne, Germany
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
ARCO Art Fair, El Museo Gallery, Madrid, Spain
New Mexico International Art Fair, Gomez Gallery, USA
Saga Print Fair, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France
Alter Ego, Pryzmat Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Prelude, Prelude, Koralewski Gallery, Paris, France
1998 Art Fair, Maya Polsky Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Art Fair, Minotauro Gallery, Miami, USA
Photography Art Fair, Gomez Gallery, New York, USA
Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France
Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture, Figure Recomposition,Poznan, Poland
Art Expo, Maya Polsky Gallery, Chicago, USA
Landscapes, Koralewski Gallery, Paris,
Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris, France


  • Fine Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Cesarea Museum, Israël
  • Diner’s Bogota, Colombie
  • World Bank, Washington, USA
  • Reflex Museum, Amsterdam, Hollande
  • Museum of Post, Paris. France
  • Foto Museum , Bogota , Columbia


“最后的审判” ,Studios画廊,华沙, 波兰
“在边缘”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国
“双变奏曲”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国
“时光的风景”,Thessa Herold画廊,巴黎,法国
“内圈”,Claire Oliver画廊,纽约,美国
“目光游戏”,博洛尼亚艺术博览会,Thessa   Herold画廊,博洛尼亚,意大利
“目光游戏”,巴黎艺术博览会,Thessa   Herold画廊,巴黎,法国
“幻梦球”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国
“目光交错”,St-Louis 教堂,巴勒杜克,法国
“近作”,Primo Piano画廊,莱切,意大利
“自我天地”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国
“沉睡的自我”,Thessa Herold画廊,巴黎,法国
“比我更贴近自己”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国
“一个远离世界的世界”,Abbaye de Corbigny科尔比尼修道院,勃艮第,法国
“相连的隔离”,Maya Polsky画廊,芝加哥,美国


“迷失的和平”,UCLA 博物馆,洛杉矶
“迷失的和平”, Loyola 博物馆,芝加哥,美国
“迷失的和平”, Rubin 博物馆, 芝加哥,美国
Artsenat 艺术展,卢森堡公园橘园,巴黎,法国
“阶梯:垂直可能” ,华盛顿艺术博物馆,华盛顿,美国
Scope Basel,Hardcore 当代空间,巴塞尔,瑞士
歌剧中Assise, sedute ,当代民间艺术博物馆,阿格里,意大利
“体裁的危机”,国际雕塑展,波兹南, 波兰
“另辟蹊径 – 暴力,妇女和艺术”,白杨大学博物馆,墨西哥城,墨西哥