Studio Harcourt de Paris 巴黎雅顾摄影工作室 – 世界名人肖像展


Portrait is a kind of self-respect and inheritance.

Our mind can only reserve limited images as it does with history. If our choice of visual memory is restricted to only on face-image per person, we would prefer to record a genuine feeling from the inner instead of a momentary image. The marvelous effect of continuous lighting can capture the timeless expression, which is the traditional secret of Studio Harcourt Paris.

Portraiture is all about collaboration of the photographed person and the photographer. The charm of it comes from two gravers which it employs: one is the facial morphology modified by time; the other is the image expression made by light and shade.

Studio Harcourt Paris has been sticking to the creation concept of “sculpture with lighting” since its foundation in 1934. Avoiding using flash light, they use film lighting to make a “sketch” of the model before they portray an intact shape gradually from a similar darkness of Genesis.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France coinciding with the 80th anniversary of Studio Harcourt Paris, we might reopen the precious cultural archive which is called “the human family album”. From General Charles De Gaulle signing diplomatic documents of China and France to Sophie Marceau honored as French Rose, and from European & American movie stars paying visits to Studio Harcourt Paris since its foundation, to Chinese celebrities and contemporary artists who come from afar seeking a tailor-made photograph, the legend of Studio Harcourt Paris has been noted down and updated constantly behind these charming faces, which carry the universal tradition of expressing timeless French elegance.

This selected portrait photography exhibition for Shen Zhen International Photography Week 2014 displays Chinese and foreign celebrities’ portrait works with creation time spanning half a century. The reinterpretation of these portrait works is ascribed to the adoption of EPSON UltraGiclee printing technology. This exhibition not only has created an opportunity for people to experience and discover the evolutionary accomplishment of the combination of technology and art, but also leads us to retrospect the glorious past and the beauty of time.

策展人 巴黎雅顾摄影工作室 中国区副总裁 郑毅
Curator: Stella Yi ZHENG Studio Harcourt Paris – Vice President China